“Whatever happens, I need to avoid this mistake! I need to make sure that I never reach the state he is in right now. What a fool! He totally deserves it.

He could’ve escaped this fate so easily – all he had to do was keep his mouth shut. But no, fools just can’t keep shut, can they? Just look at him – bleeding, unable to move. Was it worth it? Was it really worth dying a horrifying death? Was it necessary?

My heart is divided between feeling hate towards him, and feeling joy as I get to watch justice being served. I wish I was hurling stones at him, instead of holding all these coats. I can see the perfect stone on the ground, its sharp edges seem to have been made to cut through skin.

How dare he praise a man who dared to claim that he was God?

How dare he declare a man as worshipful when he was a heretic? How dare he blaspheme against God?

Now he shall speak no more. Every stone cracking against his bones is well deserved – it’s justice.

Only a fool would speak in such a manner in front of the godly – in front of the righteous. Only a fool would continue to provoke those who protected the law of God. Only a madman would try to convince the pure and holy that they’re wrong, only a fool would try to convince them, convince me, Saul, that the man who was crucified is God.

I will never believe such heresies.

Whatever happens, I need to make sure that I never reach the state he is in right now.”


“Whatever happens, I need to make sure that I never reach the state he is in right now.” said the boy.

“Look at him – beaten, stoned – to the point of death. All because he believes someone who was crucified is God. I can’t believe anyone would willingly go through that.

Poor man! They dragged him out of the city and did this to him.

But wait…

His body just twitched. He moved.

He’s alive!”

The boy, Timothy, watched as Paul lifted himself up slowly, wiping the blood and dust from his face. He turned to face the city and walked back into it to continue preaching about the crucified man.


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  1. peter says:

    Beautiful piece.

  2. Sam says:

    Very well written! Many angles and perspectives. God bless!

  3. Swati says:

    In awe and Wonder at how you and Nesting have reserved this story.

  4. Paul George says:

    Read the last two blogs,liked both,stimulated interest!Keep at it!Best wishes!

  5. Sharon Rodrigues says:


  6. Paresh H says:

    There’s so much to extract from this article … how the believe system changes from saul to paul and then he marching on the new journey is such an amazing transformation in Christ.
    Lovely words ….. Blessed

  7. Riju K Sajee says:

    Wow, that was a beautifully put into perspective.

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